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Amra Deliomerović
  • Responsibility: Sales & Event Manager
  • Experience: 02 Years

Personal Info

A woman who quickly creates quality creative content - a little talent, a lot of reading, and there you have it. A graduate economist with sales, communication, and organizational skills acquired through selling services in the fields of automation, robotics, and industrial optimization, as well as organizing numerous conferences, both past and future. 🙂 I was taught by professors from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tuzla.

I work under the "umbrella" of Target E&C in an industrial marketing agency in the position of sales & event manager. I have a lot of experience in the NGO sector, specifically in organizations that support and "nurture" startups. Organized. Non-confrontational. Relaxed. 🥳 Empathetic. I love to laugh a lot. I will always find the good in you before the bad. I sometimes have bad days and then I like to be alone and work alone. I write a lot. In 2016, I published my first novel about adolescent life, reflections, and challenges.

🚀 I'm working on a new one, but slowly. I'm researching a lot about how LinkedIn works; at what time, why, for whom, to whom? 🙂 I'm starting to study SEO on my own. I don't like bureaucracy. I prefer democracy, flexibility in work, and respect.

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